How to select the best natural mouthwash

Mouthwash Bits – The natural way to fresh breath

teeth-a-bit brings you state-of-the-art oral care products that are plant-based, effective, and environmental friendly. With a pledge to support and protect our precious marine life and landfills, teeth-a-bit has created a line of sustainable oral care products of Multi-protection mouthwash bits and Whitening Mouthwash bits.


A far cry from the conventional tube and plastic bottle packaging teeth-a-bit uses infinitely recyclable and food safe bottles instead. Before we dive further into the article let's first look at how to use their mouthwash bits.


Directions to use our Mouthwash Bits

Conventional mouthwashes come in liquid form, to use all you need to do is mix a bit of the product with some water. Next, you take a sip and swish it around and spit it out when you are done.

But since teeth-a-bit's mouthwash are in tablet form below are simple steps of how to use them. The good news is, it's extremely simple too!

Step 1- Bite a mouthwash bit and sip some water
Step 2- Once the tablet dissolves, swish it around for a 30-45 seconds
Step 3- When you are done spit it out. (Rinse Optional)


Benefits of teeth-a-Bit's Mouthwash Bits

We are prompted by flashy ads on a daily basis to use mouthwash after brushing our teeth to get rid of bad breath and protect our teeth from oral diseases.

However, not many people know that conventional mouthwashes are concocted using harmful chemicals that do more harm than good. Aside from proving detrimental to our health, these mouthwashes negatively affect our environment as well.

teeth-a-bit is an environmentally conscious brand that uses clean ingredients to make their oral care products. Some important benefits of teeth-a-bit's mouthwash bits are:

Multi-protection Oral Care

teeth-a-bit's mouthwash bits offer multi-protection from various oral issues including bad breath, cavities, gum diseases, and plaque. Regular use can also protect your teeth from decay.


Teeth-a-bit's mouthwash bits are part of their whitening line which helps in removing tough stains from your teeth to reveal pearly white and sparkling teeth.

Chemical Free

Conventional mouthwashes contain alcohol, chlorhexidine and triclosan which is a known carcinogen. These ingredients are highly toxic and can cause dry mouth, teeth staining, bad breath, allergies and more.


teeth-a-bit's mouthwash bits on the other hand are made using plant-based clean ingredients from coconut oil, corn, and botanicals like fennel, clove, cinnamon and lavender.