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don't rush the brush

Don't Rush the Brush

If we all made the switch to wooden toothbrushes, we would divert 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes which is effing 14000 tonnes of plastic from landfill every year!

To propel you on this sustainable journey we have started scouring the earth for handles that are innovative in material & design.

crush brush shine

Crush. Brush. Shine.

If you haven’t read your toothpaste label lately, Please Do! 98% of all toothpastes sold by the world’s largest brands use cheap fillers, artificial dyes and flavors. We took out all this bad and kept only the good because your oral care daily rituals should make your mouth and planet feel good.

Come, UnTube with Us.

sip swish shine

Sip. Swish. Shine.

A hassle-free mouthwash regime that requires no cap, no glass, no prop whatsoever! A routine that you can get over with under a minute making it doable after every meal. Infused with goodness of menthol crystals and therapeutic botanicals, it's time to say au revoir to bad breath and bonjour to intense freshness!

Come, UnProp with us.