What’s in your Mouthwash?

What’s in your Mouthwash?

Keeping our mouth clean and fresh is an important part of our daily routine. One way to enhance your oral hygiene is by using a mouthwash as it is a great way to freshen your breath kill bacteria, and leave our mouth feeling squeaky clean.


However, many mouthwashes on the market contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies and the environment. That’s why it's important to select the best natural mouthwash that suits your needs.


teeth-a bit's plant-based Mouthwash Bits

As most mouthwashes are made with toxic ingredients it is important to do in-depth research before buying a mouthwash. We at teeth-a-bit have been making earth-friendly oral care products using clinically proven ingredients that are 95% plant-based.


When it comes to our mouthwash bits we offer you three different flavors with ingredients like clove, cinnamon, fennel and lavender. Free from chemicals these mouthwash bits contain plant-based ingredients like Mentha arvenis, Sodium cocoyl, Thymol, and Mannitol for all-around protection from bad breath, plaque, stains, and decay.


For customers looking to whiten their teeth we have a range of oral care products including Whitening Mouthwash bits, Whitening toothpaste bits and a whitening gel.



live-a-bit Mouthwash Bits and their benefits

live-a-bit's plant-based mouthwash bits are a revolutionary product that targets a host of oral issues including decay and staining. Designed by dentists these mouthwash bits give you sparkling teeth that stay fresh for hours.


●    All Round Protection

Apart from fighting bad breath teeth-a-bit's mouthwash also protects your teeth from cavities, decay, stains and oral infections.

●    Anti-Bad Breath

teeth-a-bit's mouthwash bits contain fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, lavender and mint which help kill bacteria thereby removing bad breath and making your mouth feel fresh all day long.

●    Natural Botanicals

These mouthwash bits are made with 100% therapeutic botanicals and essential oils which are great for fighting bad breath and removing stains.

●    No Alcohol

One of the main ingredients in regular mouthwash includes triclosan, alcohol and chlorhexidine which can disturb the natural pH balance of the mouth. teeth-a-bit's mouthwash bits do not contain these toxic ingredients and rather use natural substitutes that do not effect the pH balance of your mouth.

●    Travel Friendly

Say goodbye to plastic bottles, spill and leaks. With a pledge to make this planet a better place we have unbottled mouthwash and packaged our mouthwash bits in infinitely recyclable food safe bottles. Aside from being earth friendly, these bottles are great for when you are on the go.


teeth-a-bit’s plant-based mouthwash bits are a superior option when compared to other traditional mouthwash products for several reasons:


For starters, they use clean and natural ingredients that are proven to be effective against various oral diseases.

Secondly, they do not use chemicals in their mouthwash like alcohol and triclosan. And thirdly, they are environment-friendly and provide sensible packaging that is travel-friendly.